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What We Do

Technology Integration Support for the U.S. Military and Host Nation Customers  


DSS provides our U.S. Government, Commercial, and Host Nation customers with a means to rapidly integrate, train and sustain complex weapons platforms and C4ISR technologies internationally under often challenging conditions.  We perform a thorough assessment of our customer’s technical requirements coupled with detailed logistical planning tailored by region and location.  Our management and field staff have planned, executed, and managed, a wide variety of technical support operations at many OCONUS locations in support of expeditionary and contingency operations as well as support of homeland defense for U.S. and Host Nation customers.  We leverage this regional orientation, Host Nation partnerships, and our past experience, to quickly develop logistical plans and procedures for implementing programs, and provide operational program support for various types of technologies.  

DSS provides technical support for a large number of technologies in multiple regions supporting DoD, DoS, NATO, Host Nation allies and other organizations.  Our technical and logistics personnel are forward deployed on a full-time basis, supporting our customers and their ongoing operations. 

DSS technology and logistics SME’s serve to facilitate implementation and management of defense technology programs and offers customized technical and program support throughout the system lifecycle to maximize technology performance, provide analysis to identify efficiencies, and optimize Operational Readiness rates for our end-use customers. Our primary focus is providing rapid response technical services for U.S., Commercial and Host Nation customers involved in expeditionary, contingency operations and National Security. 

DSS identifies and evaluates in-country assets and potential Host Nation (HN) partners. We provide our OEM and Prime Defense partners with complete asset visibility, program performance metrics, Host Nation workforce management support, and end user interface providing direct feedback to Prime and USG program managers and other designated stakeholders.

Integrated Logistics and Operations Support


DSS’s integrated logistics support services provide comprehensive solutions for our customer’s strategic and tactical missions at home and abroad. We provide the capability to field defense technologies into tactical environments as well as provide depot level support in customer owned facilities with U.S. and/or Host Nation workforce.

  • Technology integration, installation and sustainment
  • Establishment of forward based logistical supply and maintenance facilities
  • Tactical through Depot Level support
  • Performance Based Logistics based on real time usage analysis
  • Total Asset Visibility (TAV)  – COLTS, eMAINT and other asset tracking systems
  • Inventory management – establishment of major and minor inventories & pre-positioned stock and Authorized Stockage Lists (ASL)
  • Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) and special tools
  • Sustainment of Key Performance Parameters (KPP)- Metrics Management & Trend Analysis
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T)
  • Enhanced Deep Maintenance – Retrograde and Reset


Mission Support Solutions


  • Establishment of OCONUS operations: facilities, supply chain, SME and workforce management
  • Onsite preventive and corrective maintenance actions – embedded support when and where required
  • System operator support
  • Regional Help Desk and customer service support
  • Sustainment planning and Identification of program efficiencies
  • Training analysis, planning and management for U.S. and Host Nation operators, maintainers and end-users
  • Teaming with Host Nation partners – Subject Mater Experts and workforce management
  • Surge support for expeditionary and contingency operations
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Technical refresh and system upgrades – software/hardward